Zara Heels

I want these heels so badly
They are simple, elegant, chic, and timeless.

A Beautiful Day

Various pictures of my friend Emily and myself


Learning to Love Yourself

I know that loving yourself can be difficult. Maybe for some it comes naturally, but I think a majority of people find it hard. But it is definitely something that takes time, it can’t be done over night. In order to be loved, you need to love and respect yourself first. By doing this, we need to let go of regrets, and to forgive yourself. Start doing good things for other people. Make a list of goals, and make a mission of completing them all. By focusing on yourself, and making accomplishments, leads you to be a stronger. And by being stronger makes you respect yourself, and when you respect yourself you love yourself.

Ann and Houda


Some photos I took of my beautiful friend Gillian